Not only there is the green building standards for assess the environmental friendliness of buildings. Moreover, there is the standards for assess environmental friendliness of products. This standards is considering from designing, manufacturing, packaging, transportation to usage and disposal of end-use. Certificated by various national and international institutions or organizations. SCG commits on developing products to be certified by various institutions and organizations in compliance with sustainable development in environment, safety, health, and social support such as : SCG Eco value, Green Label, Carbon Label, Water Mark, WELS, MS mark และ CE Marking


"SCG Eco Value" is a label for eco-friendly products. With this label, Products has minimal effects to the environments throughout its life cycle, with better manufacturing processes than other similar businesses in reference to ISO 14021. In order to be qualified as SCG Eco Value, a product must be considered and approved by SCG’s committee.


"Green Label" is a label granted to qualify products that are shown to have minimum impacts on the environment compare with other with the same properties. This label keeps the consumers informed that the products are assessed based on the environmental friendliness aspect. The green label, which is awarded by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and Thai Environment Institute.


"Carbon Reduction Label" is a label to declare the value of Greenhouse gases emission from manufacturing process by evaluate the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


"Carbon Footprint Label" is a label to show the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by a product throughout its life. Calculate by the equivalent of CO2

Carbon Footprint Reduction

"Carbon Footprint Reduction Label" is a label to show the amount of the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted by a product throughout its life compare with base year