Building Management

Site and Landscape

Water Conservation

Energy and Atmosphere

Materials and Resources

Indoor Environment

Environmental Protection

Green Innovation

1. Building Management

To show intentions and standpoints toward environmental friendly building construction which will not produce pollution to the surrounding context are a good communication to social to create understanding with every sector, and smoothness in building construction and operation. Successful green buildings also need building operation guidelines for building occupants, appropriate management plan and building maintenance plan throughout the buildings’ life.

2. Site and Landscape

Site selection for appropriate construction and development is the importance first step of new projects. Score in Site and Landscape Section emphasizes the consideration and avoidance to environmental impact reduction by various strategies such as project layout design and planning, design and construction for landscape and outdoor area, select materials and plant materials that are appropriate with the site and consider the long term sustainability of the project.

3. Water Conservation

Water saving and efficient water use are the ways to reduce water scarcity problem in the future. Selecting water saving fixtures and faucets, or green label products instead of using general products can reduce portable water using significantly. Furthermore, rain water collection for use in some parts of the project instead of portable water including water meter installation are helpful for efficient water management in each part of the projects

4. Energy and Atmosphere

Efficiency of energy use and supporting renewable energy use in the project are the main topics. These 2 parts shall also pass quality assurance in the building to assure building energy conservation systematically. Apart from that, this section covers to refrigerant in air conditioned systems that may affect Ozone layer.

5. Materials and Resources

Waste and natural resource use directly increase pollution and damage the environment. Therefore, reuse existing building, recycle the waste, use local materials or environmental friendly materials are the main objectives in this section with credit topics

6. Indoor Environment

Criteria to evaluate indoor environment aim to promote good environment and quality of life in the area of thermal comfort, natural lighting, view, and indoor air quality with no toxin or any contaminant. Specify proper design methods, select the building systems appropriately, and select good quality materials which do not release harmful chemical, etc.

7. Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Strategy for Construction is required for design team since the beginning of design and construction process to prevent long term ecological impact, and effects to human health.

8. Green Innovation

This section opens for presenting the topics that are suitable with the project to receive the points from this section. Furthermore, the points in GI Section can be come from the special points that are specified details in each issue. These special points will be received when the project can be presented the efficiency of each issue more than the specified in one level.